Tenpenny Tower

Tenpenny Tower is a private hotel rearranged from an intact pre-War luxury hotel located southwest of Megaton. It’s now the refuge of the reclusive Allistair Tenpenny who allows people in for the “right price.” The right price being 100 caps. However, he is prejudiced against ghouls and will not let them enter, even though they can afford to.

Before the Great War, the tower was a luxury hotel. After the Great War, the building was still intact. Upon the discovery of the abandoned building, Allistair Tenpenny set to work restoring it to its near pre-War glory. This suggests that he had substantial amounts of money even before his arrival from England, but it is unclear how he made his fortunes (although his character suggests possible shady business in the past).

The Tenpenny Tower building even has radiation-free water in the luxury apartments, making it one of the few pre-War structures in the Capital Wasteland to have pure water.

Did you let the Ghouls in?

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    Those ghouls were let in. I let them in so fast. Then I died.
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    hell yes i let the ghouls in
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  17. geekethefreak answered: YES, because I really wanted the ghoul mask, lol.
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  20. meowba-moved answered: I convinced the people to let them in and I thought they’d be friends :/ I was very very wrong.
  21. tony-bad-ass-stark answered: Yes actually, I did let the ghouls in :3
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  24. hazardgirl answered: Yes and it was peaceful and wonderful and then roy phillips fucking killed all the humans. What a douche!
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  26. sharkiebubbles answered: Generally yes, cause I personally happen to like ghouls.
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  29. sammyreh answered: Yeah but I hate when Roy murders the residents so really it’s one of those quests that piss me off.
  30. companionablestatic answered: Yeah. I thought it was the “good” moral choice.. I had to seriously assess myself as a person afterwards.
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